Fiesta Time

Our Framed backdrops are 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide. This ensures that all of your guests can be in the picture. We also have Silver, Gold, Rose gold, and black sequin Drape style backdrops. When you reserve a photobooth, make sure to choose your backdrop too!

Black Leather

Black & Gold Leather (CV)

Wood with Lights

Grass Wall (great for outdoor events)

Golden Sparkles (CV)

Gold Sequin

Silver Sequin

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Sprinkles (CV)

Red Bubbles

That Red Backdrop (CV)

Pink & Grey (CV)

Glitter (CV)

Blue Lights

Party Balloons

Pink Hearts

Black Paisley

Royal Black (SC)

Gatsby (CV)

Spotlights (CV)

The Golden Squares (SC)

Blue & Gold (SC)

Gold Sparkle (SC)

White (Can add color with lights)